foundation repair services

Over time, concrete structures tend to settle, move and, in essence, break or crack.The exterior of the foundation wall is normally where cracks originate. These areas must be exposed thoroughly and properly to fully assess and repair the damage to their source!
Structural cracks occur because of poor construction sites, overloading or poor soil bearing. Structural cracks in concrete walls and the foundation signify a considerable shift in the home’s foundation. Any delay in fixing the problem will only lead to further problems. Only a qualified basement and foundation repair contractor should handle the problem.

Because of the risks to your home and loved ones, structural cracks should be repaired as early as possible by a competent foundation repair contractor. Cracks in the foundation will also affect your frames, beams and roofing. Walls may leak, especially if you have a basement. All these should ring bells that there could be a structural problem with the foundation. The severity of a crack is determined by the size, location and number of cracks in the foundation.