foundation repair services

As we are all aware, concrete is not a ductile material and it does not bend or stretch without breaking. However, it does expand and shrink with temperature changes, resulting in the cracks you are now seeing at home.
• Home foundation has settled
One possible reason for settling is if a massive tree is removed from the spot near the concrete slab, the unseen roots or buried roots will eventually decompose. When an unsupported concrete slab is placed atop a poorly compressed trench, the void created by settling can cause a crack across it.
• There was a lot of water in the concrete
Cracking resulting from adding excess water in the concrete mixture is called plastic shrinkage cracks.
• The concrete slab dried out too rapidly.
Rapid drying of the slab is another factor that causes the development of cracks on a concrete garage floor. This happens on a concrete slab when the topmost section loses water too quickly.
• Overpressure of the concrete slab.
Another reason why garage concrete floors crack is placing too much weight atop the slap. Even though concrete is a very strong material, just like any building material, it has a load capacity limit. Cracks of this nature occur because the flexural strength of the concrete slab is less than the compressive strength, making the slab twist to its breaking point.

If you are in the position of needing a repaired crack in your garage floor, be sure to contact us and we will look after your needs!